Theatre Performance

Vanier Productions | Rent | 2016​

Mark / Lead

Wet Bullet Productions | Nudity, Free Beer, Good For Kids | 2015​

Red Seltzman / Lead

Early Morning Opera | Abacus | 2015

Panda / Supporting

Outrun the Mill Productions | A Language for Dogs | 2014​

Toronto / Lead

Special Skills

I am a second degree black belt in Taekwondo karate and specialize in staff combat. I am also a Grade 8 Piano Graduate of the Royal Conservatory. I enjoy listening to music and writing my own arrangements of said music. I have a great high tenor singing voice, a love of Shakespeare, and can't get enough of musicals. I enjoy skiing and water skiing as well on my spare time, as well as finding art I love and talking about it to anyone who will listen.

Ryan Percival graduated the York University theatre program in 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts specializing in Devised Theatre, with honours, and was fortunate to recieve training from professionals such as Michael Greyeyes, Erika Batdorf, and John Mayberry. Being a founding member of Outrun the Mill Productions while in school, and the Teeny Tiny Music Show after school, Ryan has been making his own shows and sending them to Fringe Festivals for as long as he can remember.

Height: 5'8"

Hair Color: Blond

Eyes Color: Blue/Green


Location: Toronto, Canada

About Me

Theatre Production

The Teeny Tiny Music Show | High School Symphony | 2018


Red Strings Productions | Unmasc | 2017

Sound Designer/Dramaturg

Glass Wall Theatre | For Eden | 2017


Sneaky Sneaky Productions | Teeny Tiny Music Show #2 | 2017



Sneak & the Pianos | Teeny Tiny Music Show | 2016

Theatrix Costume House Event | Fan Expo | 2016

Set & Lighting Crew

Teeny Tiny Music Show | Buskerfest | 2016

Set & Lighting Crew

Kitchener/Waterloo Little Theatre | Hunting Cockroaches | 2016

Set & Lighting Crew

York University Conservatory | Archetypes Project | 2015

Sound Designer

Outrun the Mill Productions | Paperweight | 2015

Projection & Sound Designer

York University MFA Program | Oh, What A Lovely War | 2014

Assistant Director